Their way of life hasn't changed for hundreds of years - a group of skilled fishermen using only their bodies and extraordinary bravery to catch 75ft-long sperm whales to provide enough food and materials for their whole village. It is like a scene from Moby Dick, except the odds are stacked even higher against the captains of each tiny wooden boat. These amazing images were taken during a whale hunt in one of the last places on Earth where people still use traditional methods to fish for one of the largest creatures in the seas.


There are some watch designs that not only stand the test of time, but in the case of war, also transcend their original context to become a classic. Such a watch, the B-Uhr, the offspring of Germany and Switzerland’s leading watchmakers, has a noted history of design and production, but was employed for an infamous cause. The B-Uhren watches guided German bombers in their terrible campaigns of World War II with dropped bombs whistling through air to end in devastating consequence. The B-Uhr remains a formidable watch.

By: Christian Kriegeskotte
Photo credit: Christian Kriegeskotte

For those of us who are fans of historic wristwatches, and particularly World War Two era military time pieces, it is not so uncommon a pastime to spend long hours clicking our way through eBay, drooling over the originals that we cannot afford and seeking the perfect homage or replica to wear out.  There are a number of historic brands that accommodate the budget market, including Laco in Pforzheim, Germany, though sleeker lines and more comfortable curves have replaced the funky angles and rigid body so coveted by enthusiasts of the originals, in order to appeal to the modern consumer.  One-to-one replicas, then, have become a special commodity, and soar into the luxury price range.

My passion for timepieces started when I was a young boy. I still remember, as a little 9 year old, saving my money for several months just so I could buy my first watch. After finally saving enough to buy it, you couldn’t get that watch off my wrist.

Many years later, in 2010, now a man with a family, my passion for watches was rekindled after finding some interesting watch forums. On these forums, I followed fascinating discussions on all kinds of different watches, but I was especially fascinated by threads on how to build your own watch. These forums started to change my whole point of view on watches.

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